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Your favorite books are the ones you can’t put down; Memorable, enticing, and full of character(s). Why should your gin be any different? Start with Chapter One and see where the story takes you.

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We are Authors of Spirits

“Being a successful flavor aficionado means knowing when to be bold and when to be subtle. 

Mastering this delicate dance is our paramount goal; we are authors of spirits and you’ll find our portfolio reflects this passion for flavor and balance. After all, a bar is like a library, full of unique spirits crafted by an author’s hand.

Do you have a good book, one with creased and well worn pages that you know so well it almost feels like a member of the family? The beautiful thing about gin is that you probably haven’t had the same one twice. Just like that beloved book we aim to be a well read volume on your shelf.

Start with Chapter One and see where the story takes you.”

-AJ Temple, Head Distiller and Founder

About Us

AJ, Jamie, & Thomas

Owners (& Future Owner)

Temple Distilling was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind: To craft the best London Dry gin available this side of the pond.

We began our story with Chapter One London Dry Gin, which received numerous awards right out of the gate. The tale continued with our bold Navy Strength version, with it’s own unique cast of botanicals.

Our Bookmark Limoncello signaled a time to pause and rest, enjoying life’s sweeter moments, and our oak kissed Woodcut Barrel Rested Gin takes the plot to new heights through the influence of used bourbon casks. 

Much like a good book, once you meet our characters and dive in, you won’t want to put it down.

Since opening in 2015, our gins (and limoncello) have won a combined 16 awards with our London Dry never coming home from a competition empty handed. Our stainless and copper bain marie still is dedicated to gin and that is all we do. We still operate the distillery solely as a husband and wife team and pour our passion for gin into each bottle. We could elaborate using words like "craft" "small batch" "artisan" etc but what our story boils down to is this: Gin is a divisive, bold, beautiful, and complex spirit. Doesn't that describe your favorite character in a book? Our story is still being written but our love for gin is our prologue and epilogue.


We have a small tasting room adjacent to our distillery in Lynnwood. We have public tasting hours on most Saturdays from 12-5, and we offer our tasting & tour packages by appointment on other days as well. We can sell direct out of the tasting room if you are local and don't want to pay shipping, or check our website for local retailers and bars that carry our gin as well.

19231 36th Ave W, Suite F, Lynnwood WA 98036

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